Music Management

We build relationships with innovators in music management and licensing so that our clients always have access to the best solutions. Whichever platform is deemed most suitable, our team will manage all aspects of implementation for an easy hands-off experience. Currently available features for precision management are described below.
Remote Internet Support

Provides our team with constant control and oversight of playback operations as well as the ability to instantly update your music.

Local Music Storage

Music files reside on local hard drives as opposed to music streaming platforms that run the risk of playback interruptions due to internet outages.

Consistent Volume Levels

Volume levels are normalized to ensure consistent levels across all tracks. Your staff will be free of constantly managing annoying fluctuations in levels.


Smartphone Management

Provides your staff with convenient access of various platform features and playback controls anywhere on premises.

24 Hour Technical Support

Support is provided seven days a week by platform experts over the phone and internet for any software/hardware issues.

Minimal Hardware Installation

Platform services can be provided in either software or compact hardware form. Installations are performed in the most discrete way possible to minimize your equipment footprint.

Smart Music Shuffle

As opposed to random shuffle found on most music players, smart shuffle has memory to maximize time between song repetitions. This feature will increase the longevity of your music program thereby reducing repetition fatigue experienced by staff.

Automatic Music Scheduling

Playlist changes can be scheduled for each day of the week or for any special event months in advance. Your staff will be focused on serving your customers and you will have piece-of-mind that your entertainment is proceeding as planned.

Messaging & Telephone-On-Hold

Promotional messages can be professionally recorded and scheduled to interrupt music playback as required. Music heard by your customers when put on hold can also be customized to coincide with your branding efforts.

Multiple Music Zones

Over 60 independent streams of music are possible from one small piece of hardware. Such platforms are currently used by large hotels, casinos, cruise ships, and resorts.

Instant Track Removal

As time of playback is recorded, your staff will be able to request track changes instantly with text message or email.

World-Wide Music Licensing

Database of music available for our use around the world is over 8 million tracks in size and constantly growing. Payment of music royalties are included in platform use. Such inclusion is of particular benefit to large properties with substantial royalties exposure.

Audio Video Design

Live Music

Performing Artists

Our roots and influence in the Toronto music community stretches back nearly three decades. Through our incredible network, we actively curate and help foster the best bands and DJs Toronto has to offer so that our clientele always has access to a wide variety of the finest live entertainment available.

Mobile Sound

To ensure a great live experience, we also provide all mobile sound system design, setup, and onsite management. Our team has staged live performances of the largest scale hosting many of the largest names in the Music World.